About  Engin Ertan  Photography
Engin Ertan's photos stay mainly in the borders of documentary photography. He is keen and respectful to the lives of his models and the reality behind it. Despite the above he also does not try to prove a social idea or statement. He prefers to leave the judgement or the statement to his viewers.

Additionally he likes to reach the esthetics in the daily lives. He believes that he can reach the artistic expression in photography by discovering the inner side of his models. Inner side, not necessarily the portraits or faces full of emotion; but sometimes by a frozen action or a sequence of motions or symbols that are not common to our vision.

He believes that it is required to cooperate and communicate in teams with the other elements of the projects in order to improve the artistic expression in the projects either he takes a part or he produces. He has experienced frequent times that one plus one makes more than two only with such a team spirit. He has formed the 2+Art Group with Fuat Oburoglu due to such a requirement.

He prefers to use light SLR cameras (which is in a way a necessity for his type of photography) where he can freeze any activity quickly and gain ultimate mobility.
Engin Ertan  Biography
His Works
- Participated in various domestic and international exhibitions, books,
and performed slide shows. To name a relevant work to his current
project; The Exhibition "Istanbul" by SipaPress, in Paris, Parc de
Bagatelle with globally appreciated photographers like Gultekin Cizgen,
Ara Guler, Sami Guner, Reza, Marc Riboud and Sebastiao Salgado.

- He has produced the reproductions to the Barbaros Caga Collection with Serra Gulturk.

- He has produced the reproductions to Kadikoy Municipality, Caddebostan Art Gallery.

- In addition to professional photography productions, Engin Ertan photographed the village cultural life in the Nicae area together with the Sali Photography Group. www.milliyet.com.tr

- He photographed the musicians of Flarmonia Istanbul and Istanbul Chamber Orchestras under the direction of Mr. Hakan Sensoy and targeted to reflect their lives for four years and continues to edit their photography publications.

- Formed  the 2+Art  Group with Fuat Oburoglu in 2005. The Group that aims to produce art works that express
mindful structures through the use multi art disciplines such as photography, painting, video, music, 3D forms.
(i.e. installations)
Photographer: Seyit Ali Ak (1947-2009)
Photographer: Serra Gulturk
Photographer: Cengiz Karliova
Engin Ertan is keen on cultural and social aid work that is to improve positivism about the future and to promote awareness of the "self" in developing areas of Turkey. He believes in the personal development for social development and supports the following social and charity projects:

IlkYar (Aid Foundation for Elementary Schools)

TAY, The Archeological Settlements of Turkey

Photography Foundation(Initiative)

Engin Ertan was born in 1952 and graduated the Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Administrative Sciences in 1976.

He had worked for the management of Turkse Shell, Mercedes Turk, Mc.Donald's Turkey and Moevenpick Istanbul.
He has established the management consultancy company Optima Ltd. in 1993 to provide the private companies with management support services. He has also organized cultural and art projects under Optima Ltd.

Started photography in 1983. He improved his technique through the courses of The New York Photography Institute. His photographic approach was better shaped by the teamwork during the years in Fotogen (The Association of Artistic Photography). He has been a member of the Sali Photography Group since 1998, where Engin Ertan had a chance sharing photographic experience and vision with other photography artists.

He has represented the Fotogen Association in the establishment of The Artistic Photography Federation of Turkey for a long period.

He speaks Turkish, English and German.