Zeynep Rona:
"The Sema and Barbaros Caga Collection holds 268 works of 76 artists that were put together with special awareness during a period of nearly 30 years. The collection spans almost 75 years- the earliest piece dated 1929 and the latest one 2002."
Kaya Ozsezgin:
"The Caga Collection was formed with the idea of supporting the developments in Turkish art and thus helped to establish the links and sources sought after by writers and historians."
Jale Erzen:
"The Çaga Collection shows us one of the most important aspects of Turkish panting- a passion for beauty. The passion for beauty in Turkish art has a unique character: It reveals an effort to reflect the object of passion as truthfully as possible."
Serra Gulturk and Engin Ertan paid atmost attention to each and every piece of the 268 works to reflect them as they are in the reproductions.
Project: Barbaros Caga Collection
Painter: Mustafa Ata
Painter: Nuri Iyem
Painter: Neset Gunal
Painter: Fahrunnisa Zeid