Project: Durup Dururken

Engin is my friend for almost forty years, last year I said to him: "We need your photos for a video-clip of our band, DURUP DURURKEN!". His cheerful eyes that always look with friendship, transformed in an instant to the most serious look of the most serious man. He has already started to ask the technical details, without any need to say yes or no...

See, Engin is always like that since our twenties that I came to know him. He is so "boundlessly" thoughtful and transparent as his name implies. We couldn't meet for many years and when we met again, I immediately noticed that there has been no change in his nature. He is still enlightened, compassionate, and open to the positive and new.

I can easily say that it is a priviledge and pleasure to work with him... He gets excited even by the dream of what he shall create, is overly meticulous, sometimes dives into the details and crawls for the "most perfect" without getting tired.

My ancient friend, beware, never get tired; we have much more to do!

Fuat Oburoglu 
Video Clip
"My Friend Beyoglu"
A song from the album "Stairway to Earth" of the band "DURUP DURURKEN"
Photographs by Engin Ertan