Project: Istanbul Chamber Orchestra
Engin Ertan has been photographing the musicians of Flarmonia Istanbul and Istanbul Chamber Orchestras under the direction of Mr. Hakan Sensoy for four years.
The life of musicians need much dedication, discipline and sometimes even pain. Engin Ertan photographs are said to reflect this face of the musicians and have been selected for the book. For this nature, they have been selected for the book "Muzigin Sirri" (Mystery of Music) of Mr. Lutfu Erol.
The project targets to produce official PR photos for the orchestras and to produce the photographs for the project includes a photography exhibition and a photography book.
I faced with the real nature of Engin soon afterwards. I could define this nature as artist, humanist, friend-caring, never daunted by work, loving the art and artist. Engin had the intention of photographing the orchestra rehearsals and concerts. I naturally supported such an attractive offer. Engin has become the official photographer of our orchestras until today. I almost had not noted his presence while he was working in our rehearsals and concerts. On the other hand, I felt I heard my warnings to my musicians in the rehearsals or the twists of the melodies in the concerts, when I observed his photographs.

Does a photographer take audio photos? My reply is "yes" after I see Engin's photos. Additionally I sense the smell of the nature, the historical texture of Istanbul, the noise of the traffic, even the falling-in-love of two hearts in the frames that my friend produces. This must be what is reflecting his own living dynamic, his own atmosphere with the frozen (!) frames by adding to its content.
Hakan Sensoy
Hakan Sensoy
Istanbul Chamber Orchestra - Art Director