Project: The Mystery of the Classical Music
Lutfu Erol analyses the need for his book:
"The mind naturally may not reach the beauty; does it make you an artist if you play the piano competently or you sing with a good voice, in other words, that you have learned the technique of the activity to a level?!.. Does that mean that you have grasped the art?!.. In order to grasp the art you need to know how to approach the art, or to become an artist in the real sense!? Maybe to become art in itself!? Maybe to succeed becoming Art is the essential; being closer to becoming art, closer while listening than the player/performer in reality?"

And he asks the question that he has replied all through the book: " Allright! How about the background plan of the magic order that is produced as a result of the mental selection?"

And he explains his target: " I propose to the thinking person or sensitive - enlightened person to produce the art correctly or to listen correctly."
Engin Ertan's photographs supported the expression in the book "Muzigin Sirri" (The Mystery of Music) of Mr. Lutfu Erol.
The mission of this book is to make the reader the depth of the music language and to show that music can not exist without emotions.

Photographs of Engin Ertan reinforced the emotions and complemented, the gabs that the text and the words fail to express, with images.

The reader discovers the  music knowledge with the photographs that are in support of the text.
Quoting L. Annaeus Seneca, "The life resembles a story; what counts is not that it is long, but good." At one point of time we published a book, intending to make our lives more meaningful and beautiful. Our listeners, who had followed our conversations in Radio METU, have motivated and insisted us for this book. We called our book Muzigin Sirri (The Secret of the Music) by the same name we call our radio program.

We always had the expectation that occupied our minds as how to overcome the hardness to express the music or to express her nature her nature that make it art. Making of the music touched or observed be possible? Just in that point of time, by his worthy works of photography, master Engin Ertan impressed us in such a way that solved the hardness and I met him in excitement.

Really it must have been possible; as almost all the readers or friends that have reviewed/read our book, firstly express the admiration for the photographs of this esteemed name. We think how fortunate that we have joined and we sensed the taste of his mastery; and most sincerely we feel happy, having met a truly valuable photography artist.

Bless him: his works have been our light!

Lutfu EROL
Baskent University Academic Orchestra
Art Director