Project: Mystic Sufies
Project: Mystic Sufis

Project "Mystic Sufis" has mainly three elements that take place in accordance with a scenario of Can Aksel and Georg Gabler: Music composed by Can Aksel, traditional sema whirling and improvised dance, and a stage photography show. The project was on stage in Theater Akzent Vien on October 23 and 24 October under the management of Norbert Ehrlich.

The show has a story musically and the photographs forms an integral frame as an independent element of expression.
As Mr. Can Aksel expresses: "The main target of the project is to improve awareness or interest about Rumi and Sufism. By considering its visual power, photography is to realize this target. It's expected that the music enlarges the spiritual life of the people, the photography empowers the imaginary dimension. Photography has a second function in this project as to express the abstract ideas in concrete style."
Engin Ertan has produced the brochure, poster and the stage-show photographs of the project. His photographs is used in this project as complementary to Can Aksel's music and semazens' whirling and  the improvised modern dance of Su Mihladiz, and reinforces the image of the scenario in the minds.

The show is appreciated very much in Vien and expected to repeat for educational purpose in the universities of Turkey.